Jan 25, 2011
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14 days ago

It was at a wedding reception... in a place called 'the Avenue' its a cherry orchard..and in the spring we take rides through it in horse drawn buggies and when you get through the other side your covered with blossoms..like a snow storm. well..there was this table set up with a champagne fountain on it..really...a fountain that squirts champagne..(what will the mainlanders think of next)...and standing at the table trying to fill her glass was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen..long strawberry blond hair hanging down to her waist ..and a lovely jade green dress...floor length..that just hung on her beautiful body so well..and white gloves that covered her slender arms to her elbows that created a very Victorian picture in my mind. She seemed to be having trouble filling her glass without getting her gloves wet.. I had to meet her..I was being pulled like a boat into a whirlpool ..I hugged my purse to my breasts for courage and comfort..and approached her...I just sorta stood there like a fool for a few seconds..unable to think of anything to say..then she turned and with those cool, green eyes..she looked at me from my bangs all the way down to my shoes..I was being undressed.. and I felt helpless..she overflowed with confidence.. I managed to say...'can I help you with that' meaning the champagne..and she said..with the cutest smile, if I remember right.. 'Sure...but you'd better get another glass.. we're going to need it...this thing seems to have sprung a leak..and we've got a big job ahead of us' ...all I could do was laugh and we filled our glasses and found a quite secluded spot and sat down under a cherry tree in the new grass since it was spring and it was like green satin and I told her everything about myself..everything..it was like I knew her all my life...we've been together ever since