Dec 25, 2014
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Learned chess when I was 9 from my Aunt Nancy. Chess is an obsession. My OTB rating is CFC 1938. FIDE ELO conversion from CFC estimated to be 1973. Hopefully I will get to a few FIDE rated events in in the future to get an official FIDE rating. 


My Chess Goal for 2020. Finally take the advice of many master level players and go through a system of checklists when determining my moves. Until now, it has been fly by the seat of my pants intuition and well that seems to have only gotten me so far and almost completely stalled at improving. From now on I will follow this system in all my new daily games. I am studying daily and we will see what a year of intensive structured training will have on my chess understanding and in my ratings.  

What's in a name? Hemi and Cinder are my two dog's names. Hemi is a Great Dane and Cinder is a Presa Canario.