Diamond Member

I am someone who has enjoyed playing chess my whole life but only got serious about a year ago. I hope to one day be an International Master. I will always have an interest in chess and intend to keep it. I am receiving coaching from a National Master. USCF http://www.uschess.org/msa/MbrDtlMain.php?30142630


Goals for 2022:

  • Get a rating of 2000
  • Get a puzzle rating of 3300
  • Get 55 in puzzle rush
  • Beat every bot with a rating less than 2200

My favorite game I have played:

If you plan to play me you will want to look at this section
My Openings:

Ruy Lopez

Kings Indian Atack


Open Scillian

Leonhardt Gambit

Exchange Caro Kann

Classical Variation of the French

Advanced Variation of the French

Classical Variation of the Petroff
Giucco Piano 
Chigorin Defense
Classical Defense Petroff
Classical Scotch
Kings Indian
Nimzo Indian
Queens gambit: Declined