I enjoy playing chess as it gives me pleasure, i don't have fide rating and i have never been part of a club in real life because lessons bore me, i rely on my instinctive intuition to play, and i play just for fun, whether i lose or win.

Greetings to all the chess community that i love(except trolls who are what  bad cholesterol is to the human body) , i hope that unesco will one day add this community to its list of species to be protected  and i m thinking write and circulate a petition about it : )) 

And sorry if i refuse to join a lot of clubs, i have to leave a margin of freedom to play against other clubs, no? 

And finally, a thought for the administrator of my first club on this site (Le Chat Noir) Madam Mihaela : May God rest his Soul in peace.

This is me in 2022

And this is me sipping my coffee

And this is my brain picture