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I was born in 1947 in Washington, D.C. and still live near D.C. I won the American Open Championship in 1966 and was the nation's top rated junior then. I graduated from M.I.T. in 1968, where I worked on the first chess program (MacHack) to earn a rating in human tournaments (mid 1500s). I became a Senior Master and played in my first of four U.S. championships in 1972 (the other three were in the early 2000s). I ran a stock option trading company ("Chess Options") from 1976 to 1986, since then I've worked full time in chess in various aspects. I earned the International Master title in 1980 and was then just outside the world's top 100 according to "Chessmetrics" website. I was chairman of the USCF ratings committe for most of the 1980s, and during that time became the top ranked non-Japanese player of shogi (Japanese chess). Around 1990 I developed several chess programs in partnership with Don Dailey. I reached my highest USCF rating (2538) just before my 50th birthday. In 2008 I won the World Senior Championship and thus became a Grandmaster. I was the number two guy developing Rybka in 2007 and 2008, after which I worked on KomodoChess with the late Don Dailey thru 2013, since then with Mark Lefler. I am currently the top rated U.S. player over age 70 who still competes regularly. I am now writing my fourth chess book. I have three children, one of whom, Raymond Kaufman, is an I.M. I became part of the chess.com family when chess.com purchased a share
of KomodoChess at the start of 2018.