No need to read my short profile.

Not important!


But if u want to read my Profile,

no problem. happy.png

Welcome to my profile (─‿‿─)

I don't know where to indtroduce myself to begin with. Ok i'll try it!

Hi, my name is Maríe Ísak Rúnars Harada (Mariya Harada). I've been studying Chess since i was 10 or 11 but it's not as serious as it is now. If you ask me about my hobbies other than playing on, I like playing console games. I love Final Fantasy Series!

I don't play social media very often (maybe I don't really like it). But I will share some other info about me, I do not know it's safe to share, so here's My lichess account and instagram.


(I'm not sharing my IG account now, because I'm getting toxic and harassing messages. Sorry) Updated December 2, 2021

For female hunters. Im so sorry. I only want to play chess, this site is not dating site!

That's all about me.