Jun 23, 2011
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"With out error there can be no brilliancy"-Emanuel Lasker

Check out my Youtube chess channel Exclam Chess I also stream on twitch Exclam Chess

If you are interested in becoming one of my students and would like to sign up for lessons click on this link to a sign up portal calendly.com/exclamchess

 A few things about me. 1: I'm a huge chess nerd (just in case you haven't already noticed) Two: I believe in having fun while playing is more important then winning (it is a game after all) 3: Even though I have a high rating I gladly will except game invitations from players much lower rated then me just because of how much I just enjoy playing so feel free to challenge me no matter how good (or bad) you are

I got to play a game against GM Ben Finegold once. I made a video about it if you would like to see.

Staying Classy