Nigel Malka
Wolston near Rugby, United Kingdom
Apr 26, 2012
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Who am I? A person interested in life, asking the question why I'm here, what is our purpose and thinking have I found the answer? I enjoy myself doing lots of different things now that I'm not working for money but just interested in living to the full. Born in London but now living in a village with wife, my 3 children now live elsewhere. Worked in software houses for 47 years but now retired and enjoying the freedom that not working brings. For interests I play chess for Rugby,  with the English being the opening I play most, write poetry, plays and short stories, help in the background of a theatre,  build showjumping courses, enjoy discussing anything, present a radio show at Coventry Hospital, go for long walks, gardening but  the highlight is taking services in a number of different churches in and around Coventry and North Warwickshire area, and leading a bible study group. Just taken up Bowls, great fun. 

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