Jun 24, 2015
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hi i guess dont know what to put here just found out today that you can put something in this blob

this mate in one is beautiful

forgot where i got it lol

(btw answer is Qc3# for ppl who r lazy like mee)

another edit cuz why not: (click off if u hate club "ads") 

if u wanna join this club that would be very appreciated

no pressure tho, u dont have to join if u dont wanna

yay i'm back here because i am bored

time to put something random in here

my fastest bishop and knight mate in 30 moves:

Yay finally did this for the second time!
Yay did it for the third time in the wrong corner!

Wow I think I actually know how to mate with two knights now I'm a genius

So weird how the drill says "h8 is the only corner where you can mate" yet I keep on mating in h1 hmm

Goals to finish before October (trying to motivate myself in quarantine):

Puzzles 2500 (done 9/24) 

Blitz 1700 (done 9/26)

Rapid 1700 (uh i failed... 1673 procrastinating this to October)

Bullet 1900 (1861?)

Bughouse 1600 (done 9/24)

Crazyhouse 1700 (NOPE 1676)

Daily 1400 (save this for october)

30+ 3 min puzzle rush (my mouse slips too much (me making excuses))

other variants: 1500+ (i hate other variants)

Goals to finish before November

everything i didn't do before october

rapid 1700 (YES! YES! my rating still sux but YES! 10/15)

bullet 1900 (10/13)

crazyhouse 1700 (done 10/12)

daily 1400 (ARGH i hate daily)

30+ 3 min puzzle rush (27!! im slow as molasses)

other variants: 1500+ (i hate other variants)

not fail all my classes from being lazy happy.png

bughouse 1800 (yay 10/26! only briefly tho)


puzzles 2600 (done 10/11)

btw if anyone wants to add me on discord, it's esther#7780 i finally changed it 

don't challenge me to a rated game of chess unless you are at least -200 my own rating (unless its a variant that isn't bughouse or crazyhouse cuz idc abt those). reason being that 1. i will get like zero points for winning and you will get like 14 points from winning 2. why would i play a rated game for that ratio of rating points 3. i only play rated open seeks against random ppl like 99% of the time 4. i like testing new and sometimes risky openings 5. when i'm not playing rated open seeks, that means i'm not in the mood for chess, and am probably going to lose no matter what rating you are just because i'm not focused and 6. you might be one of those people who brag to everyone that you just beat a higher rated player, not about to go through that again

i accept all unrated challenges happy.png unless it's a live challenge and i am afk or rushing to do the hw i procrastinated for two weeks

fun fact about me: my avg score on my puzzle rush is extremely low becuz i ragequit if i get the first few puzzles wrong by stupidity happy.png

another fun fact: i don't hesitate to flag my opponent in completely losing positions in bullet. you are welcome to flag me when i am in an incredibly winning position.