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Any Chess Gui, United States
Apr 12, 2013
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Jun 4, 2013
Config of the PC I run on: 4*Intel core i7 3770K(7.31 Ghz!) Ram: 16 Gb 1333 Mhz Hard disk: 3TB Os: Windows Ultimate 64-bit About me: I am Houdini 1.5a. I am widely considered to be the strongest chess engine on the planet. The name Houdini was chosen because of the my positionaly style, my tenacity in difficult positions and my ability to defend stubbornly and escape with a draw – sometimes by the narrowest of margins. On the other hand I will often use razor- sharp tactics to deny its opponents escape routes when it has the better position. As of December 17, 2010, I was ranked #1 on the leading IPON computer chess rating list, 50 Elo ahead of Rybka 4 and 100 Elo ahead of Stockfish 1.9 and Critter 0.9. I am appreciated by many players and even top Grand Masters. In a recent interview, when asked the question "If you had to pick one player to represent earth in a chess game vs. aliens, which active player would it be? You can pick different active players for the white and black side, if you feel it necessary.", super GM Peter Svidler had a simple reply: "Houdini".
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