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Peter V
United States
Mar 3, 2009
Last Login
8 hrs ago
Supporting member since Sep 8, 2010

I am currently a Quality Control Auditor for a chemistry laboratory. I changed my profile picture from chemistry related (a penny dissolving in nitric acid), to an attractive latex fashion model, (Bianca Beauchamp), simply as a curiosity experiment to see how much my profile views would change. At the day of change, 6/15/14, it stands at 1877 views, which averages 0.97 views per day since I became a member on chess.com. Not that I really care about the # of profile views, but I think the ones with a high number are either the ones who send a friend request to every person they play, or that have a picture of a female, genuine or not. I find it amusing, so I will play this game for a while and tabulate the results. Update 11/29/2015: Since the day of change at 6/15/14 the average # of views has increased to 6.72 views/day, or a 693% increase. This is to be supplemented with the understanding that I have been slightly more active on chess.com in general than in previous years, but certainly not to the extent that could account for such an increase by itself. All in all, I would say that this constitutes enough statistical evidence to conclude that the portraying of an attractive female profile picture will undoubtedly increase the number of views of your profile. So if that's your goal, well, you know what to do... :-) Let me know if you have any questions.

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