But I still suck

Don't send me any more club requests i will not accept unless i know you and trust you.

Join le club Hydrahta : https://www.chess.com/club/le-club-hydrahta/join

Join the Nuke Nation! We nuke stuff: https://www.chess.com/club/nuke-nation/join

Join the Silken Waters! we are trained revolutionaries: https://www.chess.com/club/group-b79e8613494c944d8184bbdbbb9b9b96/join/5c66fc

Join The Mysterious Benedict Society Society! we talke about Mysterious Benedict Society: https://www.chess.com/club/the-mysterious-benedict-society-society/join/be22aa

I’m addicted to uranium chips, but plutonium chips not so much

credit to @riddlepro (who got closed for fair play oof) for the pic

one of my favorite quotes: "Power will catch up" - Hydrahta

and another one: "oh did I forget to mention its fire-breathing?" - Hydrahta

and another one: "Yeah Im that kinda guy" - Hydrahta

ok let me introduce all my friends

1. Braintech- My first chess.com friend I met him at a tournament and yeah also his wifi sucks

2. E-R-A - I don't really have much of a relationship with this guy, I just met him at the same tournament and we're friends now

3. Katiethedev - met on discord, played a game, not much to say

4. anoobperson2 - same as above

5. johnsonriquelme - played a game, then another

6. Urssssssss211 - 1500 rated dude I met on discord, played a game, I DREW(you'll see in the immortal game down below)

7. Alpengreis - introduced me to king of the hill, really nice guy (he only plays variants)

9. JeffreySB - I played an xxl game against him, we were both new to xxl, but he's way higher rated than me

11. blazex1 - met him during a game

13. trollman - he loves changing his pfp to creepy a** stuff, don't join clubs when hes on.

14. doublekickx - i played this guy during a tourney, he was like way better rated than me but i guess he thought i put up a good fight so? the circumstances of this friendship are strange.

17. dima-48 - someone whose way too nice

18. PikachuChess2020- real life friend

I have too many friends im just too lazy to put a description for all of them

My "Immortal Game":


I'm gonna start adding something every week at least(not every week but close enough), so this about me might get very long

I make extremely dry jokes, i should become a dad

just so you know I sell nukes 0 bucks instant delivery straight to your doorstep

oct 27 2022-new duck king with nuke on back pfp yay

i like weed—

iiiiinnggg lawns yeah totally I hateeee Colombian nose candy— 

eez nuts yeah I’m just making a deez nuts joke definitely not buying coke—

aaaa-cola, yeah just getting some soda, nothing to be suspicious of…

“hey, 16 bucks for a pound”—

iiiiisss the exchange rate from U.S. currency to British Currency…

I don’t understand why everyone’s pfp is anime

pls explain

i think im addicted to deez nuts jokes

"when life kicks you down, get back up, unless ur on fire, then you should start rolling very fast" - Hydrahta  2022 Oct 30

"the only way to succeed is to figure stuff out, a lot of stuff" - Hydrahta 2022 Oct 31

Happy November!!!!!!

I think im addicted to chess guys

"everything happens for a reason, but sometimes it is okay for that reason to be pure randomness" -Hydrahta 2022 Nov 2

medicine ads be like:*side effects may include: meeting jesus*

if you drink bleach, you will gain the power to fly- to the heavenzone

Just in: Old About me retired, R.I.P. "my laptop runs on Dorit OS and Cheet OS"

New About me, "when you 'accidentally' sell nuke codes to Afghan"

if you have a midlife crisis when you die, you get to live two times longer, because of technicality

god be like: Hydrahta come here boi

me be like: oh no im having a mid-life crisis

God be like: oh no i cant kill him because i cant break the law of technicality and stuff

me be like: hehehehe boi u just got juked

nov 4: today im a zombie


nov 5: currently munching on uranium chips, not radioactive, just uranium flavored, couldn't say the same about the neptunium and plutonium ones tho....

*mmmmm tastes like green beans

"they say that free always tastes better, but if nothing is free, then does that mean nothing tastes better? nothing tastes better is the same as nothing is better. if you can always get better, doesnt that mean you can always get nothing? life lesson: don't always think ur gonna get something, many times, you will get nothing, as shown by many quotes combined together and manipulated to show one main theme."  -   @Hydrahta

"imagine imagining dragons imagine imagine dragons imagine"  - @Hydrahta

How do i beat 1200s but lose to 600s?

im like the most wild player ever im beating 1500s (my immortal game was winning for me sad.png) than blundering to 600s (puzzle battle against @popcornpeeblo even tho im 1200 in puzzles)

me: im 1000, but somehow im 1800 in puzzles and can draw 1500s 

other people: no one


other people: asked

me: *dies

amogus be like: was alive for a year

amogus memes be like: eternally alive just because people like calling others sus and now everyones sus(picious) and im sus(tainable) but im just sus for saying that and WHY IS SUS NOT CONSIDERED A WORD BY NOW? 

wait if impossible is saying i'm possible, isnt important saying im portant? and would the opposite of under be der because you get rid of the un? and isnt remembering the first time just membering because you get rid of the re? and isnt a migraine my grain? and if chicken nuggets are a thing what are chicken ingots? and ingots is just in gots, wait, does that mean that ingots is in the word got? but how do you fit ingots which is 6 letters into gots which is four letters? what font are they using? and speaking about font if you get rid of the n in font and replace it with o its foot, and that means times oew romao is a foot so if it is a foot what is the size and who wants the foot pic?

"how many pears could a pair of pears pair if a pair of pears could pair pears?" - @Hydrahta

I'm not a smurf but i am blue da-ba-dee-da-ba-die-da-ba-dee-da-ba-die

smurf hunting is pretty fun actually(only at lower levels and dont smurf yourself duh)

i just won a game down time- but since they blundered everything and only had a black square bishop i made premoves between white squares and won lol- never resign

Im trying to make the longest bio ever

i cant wait to get an otb rating

im just saying rando stuff to make this longer

man its been a month since i opened my account

im gonna start a blog i think


whats beta?

"be HONEstY is SWEET first, then YES second" - Hydrahta trying to fit the most info into one sentence

no one can send you to the true shadow realm, because shadows are made from lack of light, and where there is lack of light there is light

the number zero is the most important number, because before there was something, there was nothing

Nov 17 2022 - I created a new opening: Reti opening: Knight Trade Variation

Ughhhhh Im soo off my game today

the arabic word, "حيدرهتا" is pronounced, "haydarahta" and translates to "hydrata"


puzzles r cool

something something something

movie explosions r way too sick

DILLIGAF = Do I Look Like I Give A F***

I'm on discord! if you meet me, you'll know

new santa nuke cloud pfp!

the it's corn song is stuck in my head now bruh

its corn

a big lump with knobs it has the juice

we should all learn Kannada it is the amogus language

i have chronic phobophobia (fear of being scared)

for some reason

i also have chapodiphobia

<^v> / WASD for movement


IMPORTANT: time per move formula

T = time - i = increment (by seconds) (T+i is the time format)
m = average move count for your games - X = time spent on moves (what you'll be finding)
Xr = range of time spent on moves

(T/m)(60) + i = X
Xr = X ± 15 (and round it)

if ur down here, congratulations, theres more to come

"Name 3 countries that start with an A."
Americans: America, Alabama, and Arkansas



Check out my evil twins account, even if they are evil (how dare they hate nukes)

Ok, imagine ur living in Kuwait and ur so poor you only have 100 kuwaiti dinar. so then you cross the border into Iran and bam those 100 kuwaiti dinar officially makes you a millionaire in Iran (bc like 100 KWD is like 13 million iranian rials). the more you know


2/26/23 - GOT TO 1000! WAHOOOOOOOO

i got rated in uscf.... BUT ITS NOT ACCURATE - yet