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Texas, United States
May 21, 2009
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I like chess, sketching, potraiture, watercolor, painting, basketball, and reading books, especially the Bible.

 During Fischer-Spassky World Championship, I've learned to play chess through my fellow kids in the neighborhood in Manila, Philippines. I was in early teen. My late father Daniel Sr. helped me to read a chess notations. I was in love with chess. Then I found and bought Fred Reinfield's The Complete Chess Player.  Reading it gave me advantages. One of the most memorable games was the winning game against GM Gligoric of Yugoslavia. This was happened when he and GM Ben Larsen visited University of Sto. Thomas, Manila, Philippines to give their simultaneous games exhibition in our gym. I was playing Black in French Defense. As far as I knew I was the only one who won that event. PTL! Here is the game








I like chess because of its fasinating move that makes man to think. It is like music, art, and with love that makes man/woman happy. I like its double attack, double check, zugswang, deflection, etc. But the most of all, the beauty of sacrifices. Its sacrifices have many faces. The principle of chess is like our everyday's life, there are ups and downs (wins and loses) and sacrifices. Yes, life here is full of trials and temptations. But be overcomer, be courageous for the Lord is with you. You cannot be Overcomer without sacrifices, test, trials and temptations. Sacrifices make life beautiful.

 Not just playing chess but in the real life I need to be tough. I got the BOOK, the Word of God, the manual of life.

Do you want to be overcomer? Know the One who loved you so much that He died for you. Trust and believe in Him. In Him there is life, and that life is to the fullness. He is the life. Be overcomer. Know HIM, read His Word.

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