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I Am You Aint
Bay Area California, United States
Feb 16, 2010
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4 days ago

Extemely decorated ex-military...mastery in weapons including bombs, missiles, rockets, small arms and I am also adept in Fighter aircraft, Ships, Submarines, Tanks and light armored vehicles... The Gun Boss...I can pick a mosquito off ... at 25 yards, no scope, blindfolded, elevated uphill in desert high winds. Set Sail!!!... Do or die, sink or swim, prevail or fail. I can be dropped off at the north pole in just my underwear and return to civilization in days eating ice cream and wearing the latest fashion wear... polar bear. Hold your right hand up and swear...if you ever see me in a fight with a bear...pour honey on me and help the bear. I can reach into nowhere and grab onto nothing and pull out anything. I'm a monster truck ...in mud...and a jet fighter...on take-off. I'm a motorcycle chopper, helicopter stopper and a rocket car hopper. I cut without blade, cant be held or contained. I defy gravity, stop time even bend reality ... p.s. thanks for reading this motivating and inspiring poetic note i hope you enjoyed it. I visit to play on occasions ...Oakland's Lake Merritt Starbuck's(evening)...San Francisco's 24th and Mission Cafe La Bohemme(thursday/saturday)...San Francisco Mechanics chess club.

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