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Ken (Kenny)
Coweta,OK., United States
Apr 27, 2009
Last Login
Jun 29, 2013

I was taught by my paternal grandfather to play chess, at the age of 12.He also taught me blackjack,poker and other card games.We also played checkers.I loved him dearly, and have nothing but fond memories of him!

       I Just got back into playing, after a LONG sabbatical. So has my wife, MRScheckmate and eldest daughter.

       Sometimes I'm REALLY "on my game" and sometimes I can lose my concentration and get very confused!

I have been diagnosed with type two Diabetes with neuropathy in my hands,feet and legs up to my knees. G.A.D.(General Anxiety Disorder),A.D.H.D.,severe manic depression and I'm also bipolar,I've had triple back fusion,so I have metal and screws in my back which causes me great pain. So I can make some REAL bone headed moves sometimes!

      Chess keeps my brain active (that helps since some of the medicines I'm on cause short term memory loss and confusion as well). I take the chess very seriously, but it's not life or death....I ENJOY IT purely for the game itself and because of the numerous chess friends I've made.

       Not looking for pity though, NO EXCUSES.....I give it my ALL, every game I play . I really enjoy meeting and making new friends and the camaraderie of  the different chess groups I'am a member of.

      One group I'am especially fond of is "Chess for Grand Masters" .I'am an Asst.Admin.in this Group and I'am very proud of all the members and the groups growth!

Acompanar Dios,y ojala' que usted producir nuevo conocidos.          Kenny

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