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Hello Chess Enthusiasts! 👋🏼 I am Aspet Tadevosyan – World Champion Chess Player & Chess Coach 🌍🏆If you're looking to level up your game and increase your rating 📈, you've come to the right place!

With a blend of dedication, and a deep love for the game, I've dedicated myself to mastering the art of chess. Now, I'm here to pass on my knowledge and passion to you, whether you're picking up a chess piece for the first time or aiming to climb the ranks in the chess world. 🚀

👤 About Aspet:

      • 🎓 Chess Journey: Started at age 7, culminating in numerous accolades, including the title of Gold Medalist at the U14 World Rapid Chess Championship.
      • 🎖️ Coaching Experience:  Been several years helping students increase their rating, including a student that went from a rating of 900 to 2200 on chess.com's rapid format within a remarkable three-month period. This extraordinary progress underscores the efficacy of personalized coaching methodologies combined with the unwavering commitment of dedicated students.


🌱 What I Bring to Your Chess Journey:

      •  🧠 Tailored Coaching: Recognizing that each student has unique needs, I offer personalized coaching sessions focused on leveraging your strengths and shoring up weaknesses.
      • 📚 Study Material: Handpicked assignments and resources to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the game.
      • 🤝 Practice Sessions: Play daily games (games where each player has 24 hours to make a move) with direct feedback, allowing you to apply concepts and strategies in real-time.
      • 🏆 Competition Prep: Detailed preparation strategies for upcoming tournaments, including opponent research and repertoire building.
      • 🔄 Continuous Support: Ongoing guidance to help you navigate the ups and downs of chess improvement.


                                🌟 Testimonials 🌟


Chase (Age: 27) – New York City (FIDE Rating Improvement: 1900 ➡️ 2150)

"Aspet is a great coach! I've been taking lessons with him over the summer and have already seen significant changes in my play and understanding of various positions. Because of these lessons, I recently tied an international master over the board for the first time! Highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their games. He's also incredibly flexible and goes above and beyond to be helpful."


Marco (Age: 15) – Hong Kong (Chess.com Rating Improvement: 900 ➡️ 2250)

"Working with Aspet was awesome! Before, my rating was kinda low at 900, but after  using the training routine he gave me and doing it, my rating  started increasing very fast and I reached 2250 in a few months! Aspet's really cool and knows his stuff. He totally helped me level up my game, and I'm super grateful for that!”


Akash (Age: 10) – Canada (Chess.com Rating Improvement: 450 ➡️ 800)

"As a parent, seeing my son, Akash, develop a deep love for the game of chess has been incredibly rewarding. After one year of lessons with Aspet, Akash not only honed his skills but also became the best player at his school. Aspet's patient and engaging teaching style captivated Akash's interest and inspired him to excel in the game. The progress Akash has made under Aspet's guidance is truly remarkable, and I'm grateful for the positive impact Aspet has had on my son's life. Thank you, Aspet, for nurturing Akash's passion for chess and instilling in him a sense of confidence and accomplishment."

                                           📩 Ready to Make Your Move?

If you're interested in taking your chess game to the next level, feel free to reach out to me. Together, we can embark on a journey of growth, strategy, and, most importantly, the joy of chess.

WhatsApp: +34 646 53 74 78                                                                                                       

Email: a@iaspet.com