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Hi. My name is [see "Name"]. I am from [non-disclosed location] and I play chess online but you probably knew that. I also play chess OTB from time to time and here are some of my accomplishments (or lack thereof)

-Won at least first in grade level in the state scholastics for 9 years in a row (now you know I am a child) 

-Won quite a few online tournaments by the ICA (see here for some tournaments (scroll way down because I haven't won one in a while Sadge) You now know I am from the little known state of Idaho (the potatoes).

-Best win OTB: 2044 dude at the 2021 U.S. Open

-Best draw OTB: 2134 dude at the same U.S. Open

-Best loss OTB: Random number 1 seed GM round 1 at the U.S. Open (read about him here)

-Peak rating: 1860, after the U.S. Open (one of my better tounaments)

-Just recently won Idaho Open very poggers I have now won a tournament recently.

-Above is no longer recent, but I did recently win the Expert section in the Washington Class Championships in Washington, very pog.


-"Choked" Idaho Closed State Championship 4 years in a row (first year lost last round in winning position, second year all I needed was a draw as white but played to passive, third year lost to a random kid (this dude) in the 4th round and got eliminated from contention, fourth year (this year) lost to the same dude in 4th round again and tilted and lost 5th round as well Sadge 0-0-3 against him)

-None that I can think of other than losing rating points at local tournaments occasionally

Thank you for reading my bio, now get out.