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Jan 15, 2011
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Hi. My username is I be a chess nut! It has nothing to do with the beach. Please do not call me beach. I have been playing chess in tournaments with the USCF since 1980. Briefly a few notable achievements; my USCF Correspondence rating is 2030  which I achieved and held BEFORE engines, computers and the internet. I won my City Title in 1989 one month after my father passed away. I have 17 OTB trophies from many tournaments played in for 35 years. On chess.com I have reached 2000 about 15 times. I won 3rd place in a French Thematic tournament (advanced pawn variation) out of 99 players. I managed to draw "Monica" WFM in Match play. I have about 120 trophies on chess.com. I love to play chess and have been addicted since my dad taught me to play during the Fisher boom. Thank you Bobby, RIP.  i be a chess nut. I am no longer accepting any games on here, I am in training.

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