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Chess Mancave, United States
Jan 15, 2011
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54 min ago
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Hi. My username is I be a chess nut!  I have been playing in chess tournaments with the U.S.C.F. since 1980. Briefly a few notable achievements; my U.S.C.F. Correspondence rating is 2030  which I achieved and held BEFORE engines, computers and the internet. I got my Candidate Master certificate from the U.S.C.F. in 1986 and then  I won my City Title in 1989 one month after my father passed away. I mention this because my father taught me the game in 1972 during the Robert Fischer movement. Sadly after I started winning consistently he didn't want to play much anymore. I have 17 OTB trophies to show for my OTB endeavors, but the Candidate Master certificate from the U.S.C.F. means more to me than any of the trophies. My OTB victories have been sporadic but my postal or turn based as they call it now has been consistently strong. On chess.com I have reached 2000 about 15 times. I won 3rd place in a French Thematic tournament (advanced pawn variation) out of 99 players. I managed to draw "Monica" W.F.M. in Match play. I have about 130 trophies on chess.com. I love to play chess and have been addicted since my dad taught me to play. Have a great day and good luck in all of your chess adventures unless of course we are playing. Thanks for reading about the chess nut.!! 


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