I was once a competition chess player in my country, Algeria. I was one of the first registered players at IRB Chess Club (Hydra in the outskirts of Algiers). The club was using the Tennis cafeteria space next to the fields. I had to "travel" by feet from the popular city I was living in, Concorde-Bir Mourad Rais, to the club. I remember Hacene, Chergui, Chaourar brothers, Sebih, Hanoun and many others. Ellah Yedhkerhoum belkheir. That was fun and sacrifice! I Left chess arena more than 25 years to pursue my studies. I have a Ph.D. in computer science and I am now working as Electrical Engineer (SoC/ASIC/FPGA design and verification). Off course the High-Tech is troubled and I see no horizon especially in Ottawa where it is painful to find a decent and interesting job (in my field). I am back for fun to teach children chess. I initiated a chess club for a public school in Ottawa. I hope that one day you will see a champ coming out of it :-) Like many algerian born, I like football (soccer). I am a fan of JSKabylie and like to see the national algerian team win one day the world cup. Dream is permitted :-)