U can wake who is asleep but not who plays dead

In the land of blinds, the one eyed is the king ...So if the world was blind, how many u could impress ? Some say No-one , well that's one way to put it , but another possible answer is everyone... The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision.

The eyes are useless if the mind is blind ... A blind that sees beats the seeing blind ... An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind ... 

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Admin of clubs : 

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My chess.com jobs (temporarily stopped, I am busy) : 

  1. The Unstoppable FORCES : Puzzle maker 
  2. PlzJoinToThisFolishness... : Puzzle and Riddle maker 
  3. Road 2 IM : Riddle maker 
  4. More Than Conquerors : Puzzle and Riddle maker 
  5. Plain Cats Playin' Chess : Award giver and Puzzle maker (teacher) 
  6. some random club : Riddle maker 
  7. The wolf warrior chess club : daily match and voting match creator 
  8. Random Thoughts : Daily match creator 
  9. Good Chess Players : Inviter 
  10. Chess is Art Academy : Manager of partnership 
  11. Imperial forces : Inviter 

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if I missed any club or didn't create a hyperlink for it or anything was wrong, please, tell me I will add it.

Now that you reached here, u can message me name of 5 cheers u want and I will send them to you. (only one time)