Oct 10, 2008
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This is Igor's pet sewer rat Vlad. He is good boy.

Hello my friends. I am Igor Kravitz. I live in most beautiful capital city of Riga Latvia. Igor have sweetheart named Luda. She is most great sausage maker. I have handsome boy Baby Boris. He is block off the old chip. I too have good job. I am gravedigger and too work in sewer as rat catcher, like my father. People not die all the time but all time have rats in sewer. I like chess game with friends.  I too like drink beer and eat sausage, cheese and potato. Too I most love American cheeseburger! I wish you to have good game with Igor. 

Igor loves this wonderful book. You should

study great Latvian Gambit.

Most great Latvian chess genius is Mikhail Tal. He crush many

adversary (I say right?) into sausage meat.

This is Igor's mother in great war against Nazi rats. 

Igor's wonderful wife. At work in sausage market. Her name is Luda.

This is pride of Igor and Luda, handsome Baby Boris.

This is good Latvian food. Sausage and potato. You come to 
Latvia Igor and Luda make you good food like this.