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Attention 2000+ Rated Players!

If you:

- Have a clear goal of becoming a chess master;

- Don't know what to do (or how to do it) to get there;

- Are sick and tired of throwing away your time and money on dumb things that aren't helping you improve at the pace you would like;

Then let's get on a call and smash through those obstacles between you and the master title...Together

Here's my availability, let me know what works for you: 

My Story

My family spent nearly $100K on me becoming a chess master, and in hindsight, I wasted at least 4 years of my life (2 years stuck at 1800, 2 years stuck at 2200) doing all the wrong things.

Let me show you a better way, where you don't have to go through the pain and struggle I did. 

Where you can become a chess master MUCH faster, and at a fraction of the price I paid