Apr 17, 2011
Last Online
Feb 20, 2020

I work a midnight shift at a University here in Toronto.  Playing chess online helps the time go by a little quicker.

I used to play Chess when I was young, but haven't played in several years.  I enjoy playing people from around the world.


Hello from Toronto, Canada everyone!!!!


RE: Daily Puzzles

Every month or so, some 2000+ player comes along and starts a whole tirade about the posts and seems to choose me as a target.

I’ve been solving these puzzles for months now, and I always notice that on the second or third page, someone will ask a question like, “Why did Black do that?” or “Why did the puzzle go that way” etc . . .  Then two pages later someone would ask the same questions all over again, and so on and so on.

Personally, I do not care whether I am first or not, but I figured that I would use it to do an analysis of the puzzle and answer everyone’s questions before they start repeatedly asking them again and again.  I figure that if I can post it on the first page, then everyone will know where to look for answers to their questions.  (I also hope that it would encourage subsequent posts to be more analytical and carry on the discussion).

In no way do I think that I am a superior player to anyone.  In fact, I have a long way to go.

I work a midnight shift at a University in Toronto, so I have all night long to solve the puzzle and then do an analysis.  I find that I learn a lot myself by doing it, and I simply want to share my findings with everyone.


Good luck in your chess games!!!!