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Hello. You can see my avatar of Tintin and I'm a huge fan of Tintin(if you don't know who Tintin is, you can just type it and you can buy the books if you want); I've seen it at least 25 times on TV and the books(all of them).My best game I have played (it was only 11 moves) was

As you can see it was a Traxler and brilliant things happen in the Traxler. I actually studied this variation (technically game) and turns out it is a very nice "variation". My FIDE is so low because I've barely played. I'm a good player but I'm striving to become better. I'm 2000+ in puzzle rating and the highest rated player I've defeated in blitz was 2114 at the time and his/her name was @rockstar_hriday. The highest rated player I've defeated in bullet was @JuanSiO2. The highest rated player I defeated in daily was the one against @rocknmetalforever45 and last in rapid is a 1553 rated player.I am 1535 in blitz,1544

in bullet, and 1500 in rapid. Thank you for listening to my boring lecture, I mean, blog (probably what you are thinkingwink.png).