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Ishamael Moridin
Grants Pass, OR, United States
Sep 20, 2007
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Mar 28, 2017
I am a published author of fantasy. I am fascinated by the Nordic runes and do numerology charts. I love chess and karaoke . And then, just as the Wierd Al song would have us believe about a nerd, do Calculus for fun. Although in all honesty I prefer Linear Algebra and Group Theory. LOL. I play chess casually and don't know chess theory very well. I prefer a beautiful looking move even when I don't know where it leads me, and many times it leads me to such trouble that even players with lesser rating beat me. It is the thrill of the hunt that guides me, rather than the desire to win, although that wouldn't hurt either. LOL. In addition to writing fiction, I published several articles on philosophy, psychology and mythology. I like myths and fables of all cultures, but Greek mythology is my all time favorite. I even co wrote a story about the old school, Greek pirates, who served the only true master of the sea, the Great Earth Shaker himself.
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