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NM ItalianMachine

Christopher Pace
Maxville, Canada
Sep 11, 2009
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10 hrs ago
Supporting member since Dec 4, 2010

Hello, this is Christopher Pace from Ontario, Canada. I am a National Master and have been since mid 2011. I have just completed my Business Degree at Brock University with a Concentration in Operations Management as of December of 2015.

Would anybody like good quality chess boards, clocks, books, pieces for excellent low prices?

Step 1: Click here: http://www.chessbazaar.com?acc=a1d0c6e83f027327d8461063f4ac58a6


 For Flat 10% off halloween deal: Use code: HALLOWEEN10

 For Flat 25% off chess pieces and boards: Use code: HALLOWEEN25

 For 50% off halloween sale on select items (2 days left): http://www.chessbazaar.com/clearance-sale.html

NO longer free simuls!

For any business enquiries please email me at cpace100@yahoo.ca



Some services that I am still able to offer include:


1. Training games ($10 USD per hr (time controls of your choice!)

2. Game Analysis (Any Game of your Choice for $20 USD)


3. Weekly Simuls (See Above for Simul Details)


My philosophy when it comes to chess is fair play, and etiquette during and after the game. Thanks. Enjoy :)



I enjoy playing poker casually on the side as a hobby. I am a beginner poker player and love to learn new things. 

If you want to play poker for free with a chance at free money in freerolls, please check out this new and growing poker website: 

https://www.pokerlifeonline.com/ (referral: ItalMachine)

Pokerlifeonline.com was created by one of my friends who is a full-time programmer and twitches on the side. This site is new and is always improving. So if you'd like to give it a shot, please see my link above.


My Chess Videos:









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