Aug 29, 2010
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Dec 7, 2012
Hi Welcome to my Profile. :) Full Name:Jack Lakyn Dawson Pets? Yes i got one dog named Tails. Im in love with the girl of my dreams Bri we are dating :) Likes:Anime,Music,Video games,Talking on Facebook and Skype. BestFriend:Bailey Harbour fave Anime-Naruto/Naruto Shippuden,Dragon ball Z/Dragon ball GT,Indyasha,Full metal Panic,Eureka7, Ben 10,Ben 10 Alien Force,Ben 10 Ultimate,The American Dragon,Trigun,Hellsing. :) Hates:bullies,AND BORING DAYS :( Dob July 24th 1997 Gender:Male Fave food:Ramen Noodles and Macdonals Least fave food:alot of things im very fussey Fave Drink: 7 ELEVEN SLURPEE'S!!! Blood Type: AB (One of the most rarest types.) Job: Don't have one ,But soon i'll be famous for real you don't wanna miss it. Talents?: I got alot of talents.I can draw Anime very well!!!!,I can sing pretty good. Lives:In Australia Qld. But was born in Melbourne Fave animal:WOLVES!!!! THERE AWESOME DON"T DIS THEM! Fave mysical creature: DRAGON Fave singer:Carly Rea Jepsen,Jessica Maluboy,Lakyn Hepari,etc. my band called Shadow Killers but except for it would be 3o3,Red,Good charlotte,Skrillex,Linkin Park,Papa Roach, T.A.t.U. Fave weapons:My Top fave are Swords(katana -the Ninja sword real sword, And Numchucks. weight: 5.1 Skinney and got and 6pack too if you wondering yes im 4 real. Hobbies:Sports,viedo gaming,singing,,drawing,talking to my Best friend Bailey and my girlfriend. motos: 1 I figure lifes a gift i don't intend wasteing it. You never know which hand your gonna get dealt next.You learn to take life as it comes at you…To make each day count 2 Don't beg for things do it yourself of you won't get anything, 3bullies only say things to try and hurt you do not believe them believe thoes who love u. 4.if people tell you to quit your dreams there pathitic and shit dreams well don't listen to them Keep living and try to reach that dream never give up you dreams cause ya never know they might came true. FROM AND ALL WRITEN BY ME THANKS FOR READING! =) AND DON"T WORRY I DID"NT FORGET THE " TEEHEE"