Hi! I'm Jason.  Thanks for visiting my profile here. 

Please consider trying to play a balanced game with me.  It's allegedly a chess game in which the better player starts with fewer pieces:

I will edit this things change or I learn more about what I discover, but at the present time they appear to be censoring all of outbound my game requests. I am wondering if I can at least receive and accept game invitations from others.

The option won't be available unless you are friends with me.  Feel free to send me a request - I will probably accept it. (I sort of view "friends" here like, e.g., follows are viewed on twitter---it doesn't really mean too much.) Send me a message to let me know you will be waiting first, since it's possible this site requires we are on both the waiting/game-searching page. Since messages to me might also be delayed or otherwise censored, I would suggest also sending a text message. My cell # is +1-240-471-5613.  If you are outside of the USA, you can use https://www.afreesms.com/freesms/ to avoid surcharges.  Be sure to let me know your username if you send a message with that since it's one way.

If you want to know more about me feel free to visit jasontaylor.us.

Have a nice day!