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Jason Stanz

Cleveland Ohio, United States
Aug 2, 2014
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20 min ago
Supporting member since Feb 5, 2016

About me...well. I like music, long walks on the beach, and a little game we like to call - chess. Sometimes, i'll be listening to music while walking on the beach, and i'll happen along someone with a chessboard, and thats when i'll pretty much do all 3 at once! (Whats that you ask? Who do I consider the greatest band of all time? Easy. 3 way tie. In no particular order, - Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen. Too many honorable mentions to mention.) The profile pic is the cover of Van Halens 1984, one of their numerous masterpiece records. I dont have a current pic of myself, so youll just have to trust me - im beautiful. Come with me on a brief journey back in time, back to that day of destiny when a young man of the tender age of 9-ish learned to play our regal game. Ready? Lets go. My mother (a saint), had driven for 8 hours in a station wagon packed full of her 5 kids - none of whom could help with the driving task - with the purpose of visiting a whole bunch of relatives. (My mother is now 74 and she STILL makes that same 8 hour drive every couple of years. Shes a sprightly old gal, youd like her. If you like sprightly old gals. Who doesnt like sprightly old gals? - Theyre hilarious! You dont like sprightly old gals? I just dont know you anymore... But I practically beg her to just fly! It would be so much safer and easier.) Anyway, there we are at my uncles house, my brother and I. We were bored. Out of our skulls. Until.. WHOA! Whats this!? It was a chess set. We were intrigued and excited, by the ouija board underneath the chess set, which we naturally tossed aside. "Chess is for nerds!" we said. But when the 1st two letters the ouija board produced were C and H - we took the hint! We dont want any trouble with the spirit world thats for sure. Anyway my brother already knew how to play and he taught me. I think he `scholars mated' me and he was quite amused, the 5 year old little rascal. He'll get his one day.. Well here I am 30 years later, not much better. Its a process, Its a process. Well, cheers friend!

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