jerry crabill
Paso Robles, Calif., United States
Sep 18, 2010
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Sep 9, 2013

I love the game.  I bet I have 5,000 under my belt by now. Virtually everyone I play is sportsmanlike and enjoyable.  If you are one of the other types, then I'll simply resign right off the bat.  Life is too short to waste a pleasureable game on a moron.  Rating is not important in such a case.  Making new good friends IS important.  So, if you need quick rating points, then say something nasty and the game will be yours.  Computer assist?  Yes, I use one to improve.  Along with the tools provided by the site, they are a tremendous tool to aide in attack, piece capture via discovery, sacrificing,  when and where to hold back, exchanging to gain a pawn, etc.  However, when you and I meet, the moves you see are those from my brilliant head alone.  Your move friend:):)

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