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Hi there!  I'm Joshua Sheng, a 24-year-old Grandmaster and certified FIDE Trainer from Santa Monica, California.  My peak FIDE ELO is 2501 and my USCF peak is 2614.  I am open to private coaching and will take students just about anywhere (higher rating, the better).  In addition to private coaching, which I have been doing since 2016, I have taught at a number of chess camps, such as the one I co-founded (https://www.sdsurferschesscamp.com/).  My strengths in this game are probably my intuition, calculation, and the opening.  I sell private lessons, group classes, opening files, round-robin preparation, and other services. Please contact me here or at joshsheng88@gmail.com to ask about this. My rates are $100 USD/hr or $900 for 10 hours.

Read more at https://www.joshsheng.com/!

UC Berkeley Class of 2021

Check out my book "Mastering Chess Logic" at https://www.amazon.com/Mastering-Chess-Logic-Joshua-Sheng/dp/178194623X!