CHRIST IS RISEN! Hallelujah to the One who set me free from my bonds of sin and my destiny to hell, Who gave my life meaning and purpose, Who sees the person I can be and not who I was, Who sees me through the blood of His Son, Christ Jesus, Who's love, grace, mercy and power never fails to amaze me every day and the Only Person who fills my life with unexplainable joy and peace!

Greetings and Salutations internet folks,

Why click this profile? Since you've probably decided to view it or have accidently clicked on it, either way, you're free to go ahead and read through this rather quirky bunch of words. Oh and if you're interested, don't hesitate to send me a friend request, I usually accept 'em all. You might wanna know a few inconspicuous facts about the person who's profile you're on. So here goes: 

First off, I'm a Christian, and if you'd like to know about the unchanging love of our simply perfect and loving Savior, by all means, PM me or drop a note. 

About my identity, most likely I'd be of the same species, genus, family, order, class, phylum and kingdom as you are, unless you are an alien (yikes), but hey, aliens you won't understand what's written here. I'm somewhere between 1 and 100 years old (that isn't hard, there are just 98 options ツ) I live in the Milky way galaxy, and (atleast, where I live which is earth) we do get Milky way chocolates at times. Oh, and I was born between July 1 20XX- June 30 20(XX+1)

That's all I've got time to pen down—I mean, type down. So, be off, and have a blessed morning/evening!