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Who's my g on Ranked by Awesome g, Great g, Good g, and New g.

@Admiral_ChessBeard (Awesome g) - Honestly, the best g you could come across.
@Tactical_championX (Awesome g) - Also honestly, he's of the same category as Admiral.
@BirdSong06 (Awesome g) - Ok, she's a girl so she can't be my g, but she's my sister so she has to be included in this list.
@shaun293290 (Awesome g) - Best guy with which to play some friendly games. Just don't be too salty about all the times I've clapped you, my g.
@Pro8Legazzy (Great g) - Only person I've known longer than him is @aceusername. Super nice guy and used to help me a lot with my club before he went inactive.
@aceusername (Great g) - Stuck around with me and helped me out with my club since the day it was formed (over a year ago). Just a great dude.
@MentalHurricane1 (Good g) - He's also an inactive g. 💀
@1stPrize (Good g) - Only recently started working with him, but I'm sure he'll soon be an Awesome g.
@LegendVerse1 (Good g) - Really active in my club, and a great guy with which to talk.
@Xsoul_ReaperX (New g) - Really cool dude.