Johan Palmaer
Stockholm, Sweden
Sep 23, 2008
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I'm Johan Palmaer end enjoy playing chess, especially live blitz chess, but of course also online chess, team matches, and vote chess.

I'm Group Leader for Team Sweden, but also managing and promoting many other teams on

I'm might even so founded of organizing teams, and their team matches and tournaments, as playing by myself. I'm looking forward to enjoy chess against or together with you and all other friends on!

Please join some of my teams:

Chess Society  (if you living on the earth)
Team Europe  (if you living in Europe)
Team Scandinavia (if you living in Scandinavia)
Team Sweden (if you living in Sweden)

Team Asia, European Union Team, Chess Society Middle East, Chess Society Africa, Chess Society America, ChessSociety Oceania, Chess960 Society, Rapid Chess Society, Kasparov Chess Club, Bobby Fischer Group, Great, Glorious Chess, LIONSChess960 Players Group, Chess960 RandomChess, World League, World Cup, European League .

I'm also supporting some country teams while starting up: Team Georgia, Team Iceland, Team Estonia, and Team Luxembourg.

All these groups have all together more than 40,000 members.

Welcome to be one of us!
Note! Regional and country teams are only open for local members, and Rapid Chess Society is only open for rapid players.

PS! If you are a member of any of my teams and want to challange me, please apply 3 days/move and unrated

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