Hello, I'm 9 Years Old and I live in the Philippines I have ASD *Atrial Septal Defect* which if not cured could lead to 50 years of Life and could affect your Emotions I believe in God and Jesus So I made a Club of It and This Club. and I will Introduce Myself to you

Full Name: John Michael Sayat Rosales

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Rating: Min-125 Max-1213

My Clubs

Pilipinas Club ng Batangas-123 Members

John Michael Rosales's Chess Club-3 Members

Desitian Warriors-47 Members

by the way, Contact Me With this Gmail or Email at btw Friend Me in this Link: FRIEND ME

Our Prayers for "Jesus Christ" Who Died For Our Safety and Lives "God, Thank You for everything you gave to me and my family, Thanks for the food, drinks, and happiness that you gave to me, I Hope I have a happy life with you, I pray for you and all for your sacrifices, Amen!"