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(I’ve recently gotten into streaming, here’s the link to my Twitch channel, feel free to follow me there to “enjoy” all my content!)

Hi everyone! I am the one and only Joseph Truelson! I wish that meant something, unfortunately it doesn't mean much. Although with each and every day and rating point, it starts to mean more.   

I enjoy writing about my chess tournament experiences, and these can be found in my "famous" (only called that my me) blog. Basically I try to make chess fun, while often talking about non-chess related stuff. I've stopped writing for a few months but hope to start up again "soon" (I think I can say that I'm going to write "soon" for a few more years)

In all honestly, I'm done writing blogs for a while. It was a lot of fun but laziness takes its toll. And ok, being serious, school, chess study, and having "friends" for the first time in my life makes it more difficult as well.

Honestly, I really wish I’d stop being so lazy and start writing again, but I really am a lazy person, and have found it difficult to do this. 

Anyways, I'm a pretty active tournament player. I lived in Minnesota until 8th grade and played in the Chess Castle and other clubs in that area, then I moved to Seattle, where I took chess more seriously and started to play a lot more. 

The rest of this is old but I've decided not to delete it. 

Earlier last year (2017) I won the Washington Junior Open. By winning that event I was able to play in the Washington State Championship, where I performed decently, getting 4/9 (against an average opponents rating of 2100+) to reach my all time high rating of 1979. I thought I was going to be a master in no time! I'm so good! Then the next event I went down again. I keep thinking I'll be an expert after my next event, but although I'm certain I'll eventually get it, maybe it'll be after 100 events (I play so much though, a 100 events is probably like 3 months for me). You might wonder why I mention my rating so much. Like every youngster, I check my rating every day, even though it doesn't change. After all, rating IS the meaning of life. 

And later last year, I even broke 2000 to become an expert! Wow! I’ve also qualified for the Washington State Championship in 2018, in the 2017 Challenger’s Cup. Beware, good players of Washington! I’m coming for you next! 

I won the Junior Open again in 2018, but that wasn’t a big deal. The 2018 Washington State Championship will be the most important event I’ve ever played in. 

March 18th, 2019: I haven’t updated this in over a year? Wow! A lot has happened though. I’m a master now, and had a great performance in the National High School Championship. RAR keeps showing the community that it cannot be stopped! For me, the highlight of the event was getting interviewed (my 1st!) by the commentators at the event. That interview can be found here.

People know me for creating the RAR movement, and being it’s deer leader. I honestly can't describe what it means but if you're interested you can join here: We have stuff like the RAR Championship, and we make a lot of great jokes that the rest of the world fail to appreciate.

I have a job now, and it does interfere with me playing in chess tournaments or even my online social life, so I’m not nearly as active as I was in 2016 and 2017. Still, I’m on enough to write the occasional “RAR” Tip and promote my various efforts. Some of these have included: 

Creating a YouTube channel. Blogs take more work, so I started this up in late 2017. Here’s the link to my channel

Some of my friends took time to create a website for the RAR movement. It’s not very appealing to the eye, but at least it’s free. Here’s the link to that

Lastly, I started a GoFundMe to fund all my chess endeavors. We’re far from the $100 million goal, but maybe you can help us get started? I hope so!

And lastly, I discovered the world of streaming and started a channel on Twitch. I stream regularly and if you enjoy my content, well great! I do it on and off, depending on whether I feel like it's worth it, but obviously, as you can tell, the focus isn't on learning, it's all about jokes and stupidity. Click here for that.

My profile picture is of the RAR movement that I created. Or more specifically, wRARning all non-RARers! 

Just in case you think I'm a fraud, here is my US Chess and FIDE profiles. I am a real person! (Unlike you)

And here’s all those links again:

My US Chess Profile

My FIDE Profile

My Twitch Channel

My Youtube Channel 

(4-14-2019: I was reading this today, and I remember how I thought all the people with long profiles were so lame! I'm so lame!)