Feb 20, 2009
Last Online
Jul 28, 2016

I enjoy (among other things) hacky-sacking, chess (dur), reading, RPG games (computer and live action), movies, music, concerts, food (cooking and eating), poker, most card games as long as some strategy is involved, taking care of my woman, smoking, coffee, and dogs. I work as a mental health care technician at a state job involves teaching mentally ill indivduals how to live "normal" lives and cope with their problems while maintaining order, cleanliness, and function of my a teacher, a bouncer, a maid, a nurses aid, a baby sitter, a counsuler, and a role model (Im a diagnosed bi-polarbear) all at the same time. i learned chess at the age of 14, get this- i cant make this crap up, to be cool! i needed a group to hang around and my friends hung out with the chess club. so i learned how to move the pieces and in a little over a year i was the best player in school (not saying much, im from rural Wv). my favorite players include (but not an exaustive list and in no order) Alekhine, Lasker, Marshall, Spielman, Nimzo, Rubinstein, Tartakower, Anderseen, Morphy, Pilsbury, Reshvesky, Fine, Fischer, Spassky, Keres, Bronstein, Tal, Ivanchuck, Kasparov, Kamsky, Shabalov, Korchnoi, Nakamaura, J.Polgar, and Reti. I have a thing for the old masters, I think their games are more "pure." I play more like Fine or Korchnoi (grab a pawn and hold on for dear life till i can get an advantageous endgame, but ill attack when given the opportunity-then i pretend im Keres or Alekhine!)