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 My name is Roman Dzindzichashvili and I am a Life Long Chess Grandmaster and Chess Coach. I have been playing chess all my life and I have won the U.S. Chess Championship twice.

I was also featured numerous time in many Chess Articles during my long Chess career in the Chess World. And I have appeared as myself in "Searching for Boby Fisher."

 I am the World's leading Opening Theoretician and Chess Coach. I have made many dozens of chess DVDs in the past and now make chess videos for Chess.com.

I have produced numerous top level players and to this day work with them.

 I am now taking on a very small amount of students, if you wish to apply and take your game to the world level or to just learn the game in a way you never thought could be learned before please check my coaching profile for rates.

If you wish to apply to be my student please email me at the following email: romandzin@comcast.net

Please Title the email heading:

"Chess Lessons from Chess.com."

And I will get back to you in an orderly fashion.

 Thank You,