Oct 15, 2008
Last Online
Feb 2, 2011
Age: old/ Height: taller than shorter/ Weight: heavy(like metal!)/ Race: human?/ Sex: ok, but only if u r HOT!!! (That means you have that special something that makes you absolutely irresistible=) Other activities: Mixed Martial Arts/ Top 3 fav. dead chess players: Nimzowitsch, Fischer, Lasker, Pic. C. Kass/ Fav.chess question: "If the King dosen't move first, how can he expect his men to follow?"/ Hi all;) I've decided that chess babes are hot. So i will play chess in the hopes of meeting some... My chess is not so good because I am relatively new to the game. I enjoy game analysis as well as play. Right now, I am working on familiarizing new openings, defences and their multiple variations. I would love to hear any advice that may help improve my game. So, Basicly, I am looking to get better @ chess and make some new friends along the way. Come, let's have a game... :D I'd like to meet you...(especially if u r hot girl; )