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KwebangKahel sa Isla Lualhati, Philippines
May 6, 2013
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Jan 9, 2017

I got interested in Chess when a friend of mine said that Chess takes a day to learn but a lifetime to master, I wanted to prove him wrong... I learned to play when I was 15 years old, my profile photo will give you an idea on how long I have been playing the game... I'm starting to think that my friend was right... but I'm not giving up... not just yet.Undecided Seriously, Ahedres is probably one if not the greatest game ever invented. Simple rules and gameplay,yet it provides countless possibilities, a game can sometimes be predictable and boring, and sometimes it can be full of action and surreal, depending on the persona of the players involved. Aside from the tactics and strategy that encompass the game, It oftentimes reflects a player's character by the way he behaves on the board. Some are patient, some are agrressive, there are those who simply wander aimlessly during battle, and there are those who will put Sun Tzu and Gen.Patton to shame with their fascinating strategies. The game has indeed evolved over the years, but the thrill and drama that unfolds over the board in a single match, remains majestic and ethereal. Continuosly captivating everyone from Beginner to Grandmaster.Kudos to Chess.com for its contribution and continued support in the Global Awareness aspect of the game, and for making Chess very accessible and "user friendly" to both new and old patrons alike. So why are you still here wasting time reading my profile? Start playing the Greatest Game Ever! have fun and enjoy.Wink    

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