I love pandas<------------Respect the panda

(If 5. was any random move than fxe6 than black would take your queen with nxd1)

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I am 𝓪 years old(and no I am not 1 and I do not have bad grammar(actually I might) either. 𝓪 is just a variable so you don't know how old I actually am.) 

There is 10^120 possible chess game variations(I think).

If you don't know what that means it's a 1 followed by 120 zeros(I think). 

I like to draw. I like to skate. I like pandas. I like reading warrior cats. I like coding. I like chess. I like to animate.
I can do some reprogramming but it
disappears as soon as you refresh the page.
Please don't ask me personal questions like how old I am unless I know you in real life.


The winner ain't the one with the fastest car; it's the one who refuses to lose

-Dale Earnhardt

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https://lichess.org/@/KaileyPanda https://www.chesskid.com/user/hhliu213/profile

Rip the betta fish I got for my Bday he didn't last a day. 😢

Hey uh this is old
I made it a few years ago but I still enjoy most of the stuff on here
Still a huge Warrior Cats fan and avid panda lover.

I draw sometimes