I got trust issues, not like trust issues like, i don't trust anyone, but i just trust people too much and too easily 

put it in the garage 

donate to save Kea!!


I'm the best tambourine player you'll ever know 

Don't let my girlfriend's rizz fool you, it is entirely accidental 

To start things off, just know, I'm always down for a game of poker, of course no actual money on the line as I'm not of the age yet

Mental health deteriorating at a rapid pace, I need help but don't know how to ask, I think I'm going insane 

You can say, "I love you" to someone, but next time you say it, think, do you actually love this person? If they died would you cry? Are you happy? Do you trust them completely? When it comes down to them or yourself, who would you choose? Think about it, think of your real feelings, can you say you've ever actually "loved" someone

heres some advice ive given to my friends that i need to follow myself

if you don't always give 100% you're never gonna know what you're 100% is, and just because you don't care about something doesn't mean you shouldn't give 100%, and if you don't know what 100% is like, you'll never be able to give it, and you'll never make it where you want to make it, so start giving 100% no matter what it is and life will just go your way

Red Bull rankings so far, (my opinion)(gonna try all of them eventually)

1. yellow edition

2. red edition

3. coconut edition

3. sea blue

4. original 

5. green (0/10 would not recommend the dragonfruit)

Alright, now, here's some things about friends.

@pixie-pixelz is probably my favorite here. love you<3333

@Willow_668 loves keed.

@ninjahudson has really cute puppies

@fluffytiger23 is the best tiger. (Miss u!!!!)

@aeacb is cool. Come back brother 

@thewolfmaster37 is good to talk to, i miss u soo much wolfy!! Come back!!!!

@exotic_butterzz is amazing. Best person in the world

@keed27 has anger issues.

@redsoldier898 is venom

. @kesetokaiba is a good Yugioh player and great to play with.

@TigerChess2022 is the second best tiger, and the greatest Estonian tiger (after Fluffy).

@Kabbage09 is an amazing vegetable.

@arty321p uhmmmmmm, McDonald's favorite trash panda

@autisticchildd ozzy, 10 out of 10, would recommend talking to her, she is amazing 

@ZachGod07 is a handsome young man, see for yourself

@frix_luxorr yup, I've added you, you delicious borger 

@GodHAMPTER is not actually a god





















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I might not be fine, but, as long as my dog is okay, then I'm fine