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Buffalo, NY, International
Sep 4, 2009
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Playing chess since my grandfather taught me at age 6.  Queen's Gambit and French Defense enthusiast, but I like to branch out into other lines -  trying new things in chess, as in other aspects of life, is generally a Good Idea.   Away from the board I enjoy all sorts of rock and folk music, reading, travel, good food and drink, and following the New York Mets. 

In case you're wondering... Kali is a Hindu goddess often depicted as a destructive warrior in the West - you might remember the character from Indiana Jones - but she's more complex than that.  Kali represents a certain sort of life cycle, one in which growth is often achieved by giving up those things we no longer need and things pass only to be reborn.  The destructive aspect comes about only when we resist natural change, which happens whether we like it or not.  Kali - to many, Mother Kali or Kali Ma - is an image that's been very helpful to me at times when large life changes have been necessary and healthy, if not easy.  For what it's worth, I am not Hindu but simply someone who appreciates learning from various spiritual paths.

And I don't really mind invoking the warrior aspect when I'm playing good chess...

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