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Abel Tuagalu
Sydney, Australia
Sep 23, 2009
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4 hrs ago

I am happily married with four awesome kids. My eldest is my beautiful daughter Sabrina 19 , followed by my boys Ike 17, Joe 15 and my youngest Solomon who is 12. All my kids know how to play chess. I briefly started playing chess at about 8 yrs old for about a year against my uncle until he started studying at uni. I never played again until 2009, where I started to take the game a bit more seriously. My kids and I joined a chess club and used to play every Wednesdays with really good players and also a good bunch of guys. I used to open, black and white, with the hippopotamus and got some really good results out of it! Recently I have been trying my hand at D4 openings, London System. I chose the name Kamileon because it is a take on the lizard chameleon. It can change colors, similar to playing either the black or white pieces in chess. It can look in different directions at the same time, a skill you need especially when your playing strong opponents and because its cute ( a little like me lol!!). I absolutely enjoy the game of chess and I hope to become a strong amateur someday (fingers crossed). I enjoy the chess games of Bobby Fischer. One of my fav games of Fischer's "A Night in Tunisia" . One reason is that he basically ignores his opponents attempts at queen side activity concentrating on his own plan and also because he uses the Kings Indian Attack which is a system I like. Peace and prosperity to all, especially those who play chess!

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