May 5, 2015
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13 days ago

Currently from august 2018:

I will end playing daily chess and resign some tournaments. Becouse in this time I'm starting to learn programming C# and Unity. I do not have time and absolutely no thought to chess.

I play only an amateur from 2015. I play little time in elementary school in 1988. 27 years no play. In May 2018, after 3 years on chess.com, my daily chess rating is up 2100. I had still about 1800 but suddenly something changed. I started to win many games. I wondered why it is. I'm certainly not that good. On the contrary, I feel uncomfortable.


I think that the most important is the use explorer from chess.com. Sometime opponents play so that I can use explorer 15-25 moves. After, with better players, I change figures. Therefore it is draw often. And if opponent make mistake, I even win. But my game has also improved. And most of the very good players daily chess no play. 


I keep alerting the players that daily chess in chess.com is very specific. It's mainly for learning. Rating you must not take too seriously.


From 2017 I will no play new tournaments. I will be play only blitz 10 min. After 3 years I improved from 790 to 1800. My best is 1863. My goal is up 2000 if it will be possible. I play still better, but under the pressure of time I make too much blunders.

My favorit opening is english (I learn games example Nakamura x Efimenko, Bauer x Sebenik, Botvinnik x Portisch, Petrosian x Botvinnik, Nikolič x Fischer, Smyslov x Liberzon, Short x Salem) and french defense.

Sometimes I play on chess24 too, where I have max  rating (10 min blitz) 2008. Also I train with applications from google play CHESS KING.

Nice playing wishes Kandrbol