Apr 25, 2009
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13 hrs ago


I first played chess with my father when i was about 8 years old. We only played enough for me to learn the ways in which the pieces moved across the board.

I only started playing again in 2008. I'm not that great. To be honest, I often moved too quickly and as such never appear to get over 1600 rating. I do prefer playing face to face; the tension and excitement is far greater than online correspondence games. Much more satisfaction when playing.

Who am I? Well, I am a newly baptised Roman Catholic. My faith began to develop after years of being an obsessive and compulsive drug user. I was not a bad person, i just made terrible decisions and choices when I used drugs. My journey in recovery started Dec 2007. Since then I have discovered and nurtured an interest in learning and I am currently undertaking my second post-graduate qualification. My learning helps me in my role as an Addictions Therapist in a private hospital. 

No one can quite reach those desperate to break free from addiction on the same level as someone that has been there. A blessing in itself.

God bless all you chess lovers out there. Much love happy.png