May 30, 2014
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This is actually my second return to chess, and to Chess.com. I played chess as a kid with my dad, and grandfather, but then haven't played chess for many years. When I was around 18 years old, I started to play Chessmaster grandmaster edition and got hooked pretty quickly. Academy of Josh Waitzkin and Larry C really opened my mind to beauty of chess. Soon I started to play on all sorts of chess websites, but soon I realized that Chess.com is best to my liking. I can really think hard on daily chess, or I can play wild unsound games in blitz. I really enjoyed it and reached a highest rating in daily chess of 2144 (pavlekosic was my nickname in that time). I also wrote blog (which was bad, me bragging of winning against people who blundered), and articles which were decent (''Power of development'' , ''Wing gambit'', ''Basic Budapest gambit idea'', ''Defending correctly'' and ''Winning mentality'' are published here still in chess.com article archives). Everything about chess was going great, but then I had family tragedy which pushed me into depression, and made me really hard to focus. I lost all daily matches on time and I quit chess for about 4 years, now almost 5 years. Few months ago I started to play chess again, and I returned to Chess.com. I decided to open a new account as I see myself now as a new chess person after all this time away from chess. Although, its interesting to take a look at my old games. I actually won games against guys who were young then, but now are NM-s and IM-s which make me smiled when I now look at it. I am still a little bit rusty, but I am trying my best to get back in shape. I plan to start a series of blogs which will be called ''Good, bad, and mediocre'' in which I will do a self analyses of my own games since returning to chess.com and also a series of blogs called ''Blast from the past'' in which I will try to understand my past self in most interesting games I played here on the site. I enjoy chess and sometimes I will make a move which I know its probably bad, but want to see what position will arise from it and just have fun with it. So I am a hardcore student of the game, but I am not hardcore player. I am member of several chess teams here on Chess.com, but I am a proud member of TEAM SERBIA.