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Hello everybody! I am Woman Grandmaster/International Master (top 50 women players in the world) from Russia, Kazan.

I became Russian rapid champion among women in 2015.

I teach chess everyone who wants to improve the level of understanding of the chess and in general to develop the intellection through chess game. I have 15 years' of experience as a coach with students of different levels. I have the pedagogic (also chess coaching) higher education and some scientific publications about the development of children through chess game. I had been studying for many years with different strong GM in Russia, so I have an idea of the various teaching methods (including the famous method of Russian chess school) and I have a lot of educational material.

My motto: just enjoy what you are doing! So love chess and improve your level with me happy.png


Training mode: 

-Chess lessons via Skype or Zoom

-Training games with different time control

-Deep analyzing your games with my comments and conclusions.


You can ask me all your questions here or on my e-mail karinachess@mail.ru. Doy las clases de ajedrez en español también happy.png

P.S. Welcome to my website http://chesscoach.ru/en/glavnaya-en/ . You can read in my blog some chess publications about the tournaments and training methods.

Мой канал на Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@karinachess, где вы найдете обучающие видеоуроки, стримы моей игры и комментарии. Подписывайтесь happy.png

My Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/karinachess1/ Welcome happy.png