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           Two All Time Greats in Maybe the Most Entertaining Point Ever.
   A Few Lobs go 40+ Feet High.  The Overhead View at the End is Amazing!
        This point reminds me of the best times I've had in sports.  Doing a counter smash like that, when 15 to 20 feet off the table, and then winning the point, is the best joy and thrill I've ever had in any sport I've played.  :)                            
                   Here is the link to the best place to talk about sports:


                                            Are You a Lucky Man?
                                                Da Other King!

                                      You Know Who You Are!
                                     Everyone Should Have These
                                            I've Heard This a Lot
                                  The Greatest Song Ever Recorded
                             My Fave Grateful Dead Song.  For Britts
                                       A Classical Masterpiece!

                      A Song Given to me by My Sweet Friend Anja