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My name is Mika Karttunen and I am from Finland. I am an international chess master with the peak elo rating 2497 (2499,2 during tournament) and I have one GM-norm. I am 7-times Finnish chess champion and 12-times Finnish blitz chess champion. I have wrote three chess books (in Finnish) and made hundreds of chess videos for my pupils and students.

I have represented Finland in many international team events since 2000: Olympiad 2000-2018, European team championship 2003-2017, Euro Cup (13 times). Naturally I have also played other international tournaments. I have faced many +2700-elo grandmasters in those competitions and sometimes had very interesting battles against them. In total there are 23 classical time control tournament games against these elite players, and I have had 9 draws against them.

I have had many personal students and coaching groups during the years. I have worked with adults and different aged children and youngsters. I have coached beginners, club players and already master level players to maximize their potential and get the best possible results in the tournaments.

Hourly rate:

It depends on the chosen coach programme. Send me a message with in details about your goals and purposes, and I will make an offer for you. I am also available for training games (with or without analysis).